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 Family Testimonials

The Ousleys

As a family who is on the go we have been married for ten years, with four kids, own multiple businesses, and full schedules!  Time is something that we do not have enough of. 

Our children attend a performing arts school in north Tulsa. They are involved with extra curricular activities, sports, and interests that are unique to each of them. As a husband and wife team we fully support our children and maintain a healthy work life balance. Endless Memories is a village for our family. They are a valuable resource for weekends that my spouse and I need to spend intentional time together, travel for work, have self care moments, run errands, etc...


Our kids are eager to engage with Genean and her team. Our kids often ask when  she will came back to our home for more fun.  We are elated that she decided to take a hobby that she has exceled in for 8 years and created a full time business for all to enjoy. 

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